The Hansen Family
Limited Edition – REMIX TIVOLI Cupboard

Als Teil der Remix Kollektion ist das gleichnamige Sideboard ein Design aus der Feder von  Gesa Hansen.

As part of the REMIX Collection the TIVOLI sideboard has been designed by Gesa Hansen.

Dimensions model HxLxD:
715 mm x 1300 x 450 cm
SALES Preis /price  EUR 850,00
anstatt/instead of EUR 2090,00

Material: oak
Designer: Gesa Hansen

The REMIX Sideboard has been created for the brand TIVOLI Audio.

It provides the perfect space fort he TIVOLI Radio’s and you can hide other beautiful devices in the lower cases.

The backside can be opened, kept in position by a leather belt, and offers space for cables and electric connections.

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